About us :: Labstore


We shop the World

Just as the world of communications
has become more digital, so the world
of marketing has shifted emphasis from
the consumer to the shopper.

This is a business built for the way
that people shop today
— from Google
search through to the shelf (whether
that's physical or digital).

Enter Labstore — a new global retail &
shopper marketing agency
that is an
integral part of Y&R worldwide, and VML in the US.

We bring together a rich mix of cultures
and skills across the planet. But we
share three things in common: an
absolute passion for retail, an obsessive
focus on the shopper
, and a desire to
Create Shopper Chemistry™.

What we sell together?
Shop Planning
Shopper Planning

Customer strategies and insights.
Specific planning tools focused in
shopper projects.

Shop Communication
Shopper Communication

In-store shopper campaigns.

Shop Design
Shop Design

Design of interiors, corners, displays
and shop windows.

Shop Editorial
Shop Editorial

Commercial and promotional magazines
& brochures. Graphic design.

Shop Digital
Shop Digital

Commercial communication in all
digital formats from digital signage
to web and mobile.

Shop Activation
Shop Activation

Promotions and in-store events.